Pet Interments

Pets are not just animals we care for, they are part of our family and see us through good times and bad.

At Dale Hill Natural Burial Ground we have allocated a special area to accommodate pet cremation interments.

All urns must be biodegradable and eco-friendly to ensure that the interment has a minimal environmental impact and is in keeping with the ethos of Dale Hill.

All plots can be marked with a small stone plaque and each allocated plot is GPS gridded for easy location.

Arranging a natural funeral for your pet is a simple process, just contact us to arrange a meeting to discuss options.

by telephone: 07715 659901
by email:

(Please note: the scattering of ashes is not permitted nor are we able to bury uncremated remains)

Natural, eco-friendly or environmentally-friendly burial is the interment of the deceased person in the soil in a way that does not stop natural decomposition but allows the body to recycle naturally. It is an growing alternative to other traditional burial methods.
Trees rather than traditional head stones are planted to mark the location of the grave.
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