Price List 2021

Single Adult Burial Plot£800
Single Ashes Plot (no tree)£200
Child Burial Plot (under 12)£350
Family Ashes Plot with Tree*£1000


Additional Mandatory Costs of Grave Preparation and Administration

Adult Single Plot**£500
Ashes Interment£200
Double Ashes Internment***£250
Child Burial Plot (under 12)£350

Other Services

Memorial Tree
(to accompany a Burial Plot)
Remembrance Tree
(where a body is not interred at Dale Hill)
Memorial Wall ****
(to place a memorial plaque)

*          Regretfully, it is not possible to plant a tree close to a single ashes plot, so when it is desired that a tree be planted nearby, a whole burial plot (divided into four ashes plots) must be purchased.

**        Coffins exceeding 2m in length or 65cm in width will incur a £100.00 surcharge to cover additional grave preparation cost.

***      Where two sets of ashes are interred in a single plot

****   Cost of plaque not included

Natural, eco-friendly or environmentally-friendly burial is the interment of the deceased person in the soil in a way that does not stop natural decomposition but allows the body to recycle naturally. It is an growing alternative to other traditional burial methods.
Trees rather than traditional head stones are planted to mark the location of the grave.
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