Regulations of Use

Burials and coffins: only one body may be interred in one grave.

All visitors are asked to comply with our terms and conditions of use for the burial ground which have been set out to ensure that the ethos of natural burial is maintained.

With these terms and conditions in place we will endeavour to create a natural and peaceful environment for those who have passed on and those who mourn them.

  • All visitors to the burial ground are requested to give due consideration, privacy and respect to any funeral, memorial ceremonies or services taking place at the time. It is requested that mobile phones be switched off.
  • In harmony with the aims of a natural burial ground, no gardening of burial plots will be allowed. This includes grass cutting or removal of turf on or around graves or trees.
  • No ornaments, toys, photographs or other memorials may be placed upon graves, with the exception of slate plaques provided with the consent to the set specifications of Dale Hill NBG.
  • Containers such as vases, pots, bottles or baskets are not permitted.
  • NO artificial flowers or similar to be left, again to preserve the natural appearance no items are to be placed on graves or hung in trees, flower pots, wind chimes, wooden crosses, pebbles, garden ornaments, ribbons, flower containers, photos, soft toys etc. any will be removed. Whilst we do appreciate that families may feel the need to bring their loved one flowers, please consider just picking one or two from your garden. If you bring bunches of flowers all wrappings must be taken away and dead flowers cleared.
  • The picking, cutting or pruning of flowers, shrubs and trees is prohibited. Only the owners or those employed by the burial ground are permitted to carry out planting, pruning etc.  Appropriate wildflowers can sometimes be planted after prior approval and consultation with the owners. This is a very strict rule which is solely to preserve the natural species and the appearance of the landscape. Anything which is planted and not considered to be appropriate will be removed.
  • We reserve the right to remove anything found on the Site that is deemed inappropriate to the ethos and aims of a natural burial ground.
  • In order to provide for a more natural environment, the Site will be mowed at the discretion of the management. Paths will be mowed on a more regular basis allowing visitors access to the various burial areas within the site.
  • Litter is to be disposed of in the litter bin provided in the Car Park.
  • Dogs or any other domestic animals and pets must at all times be kept on a lead and must not be allowed to run free
  • Children under 16 years of age are not allowed on the Site without an accompanying adult or with the specific permission of the management.
  • No ball games or electronic games that emit noise are allowed on any part of the Site.
  • Amplified music is prohibited at the Site except by permission of the managers of the DHNBG. Acoustic instruments may be played only when they will not disturb other visitors, ceremonies or services.
  • No camping or overnight stays are permitted on any part of the Site, including the car park.
  • Visitors must not unnecessarily disturb the wildlife.  No shooting or hunting is permitted.

Grave Plots and Burials

  1. The burial of pets and other animals is not permitted.
  2. Each full grave plot measures 2.5m x 2m [WG thought Rosie said 3m x 1.5m] and can accommodate one coffin, or four cremated remains interments only. Cremated remains may also be interred together with the planting of a memorial tree.
  3. When purchasing in advance, it is possible to allocate whether a grave plot is to be in the meadow or woodland areas. However, it is not possible to choose specific grave plots until the time of interment. Family plots, or groups of graves bought in advance, are available. (up to 4 or 6?)
  4. Only fully biodegradable and environmentally-friendly coffins may be used. These include coffins made of wicker, bamboo, softwood, recycled paper (papier-mâché) and recycled board. Shrouds, ideally in natural fibres, are also acceptable.
  5. A body that has been embalmed, or otherwise treated with noxious and toxic chemicals, cannot be interred at the Site.
  6. Internments cannot take place at the Site until the death has been legally registered and the appropriate documentation received by the Company
  7. Cremated remains may not be scattered at the Site. Allowing this practice would alter the chemical balances needed to support the nature reserve.
  8. Cremated remains must be interred in biodegradable caskets or boxes, or poured directly into the grave plot. Plastic urns provided by some crematoria are not biodegradable and therefore cannot be interred.
  9. Flower offerings and other tributes may be placed on graves at the time of a funeral or memorial ceremonies and services. These will be removed after five days (or when deemed appropriate by the management) in order to ensure that any non-biodegradable matter is taken from the Site and natural ground cover is allowed to develop.
  10. Trees acquired as living memorials in the woodland area of the Site are guaranteed for 10 years; if a tree dies during that period, it will be replaced at the appropriate season.  After that time, the woodland will begin to develop naturally, with some trees growing more vigorously than others. For this reason, the management encourages an understanding that the woodland as a whole is the lasting memorial.
  11. Visitors to the Site must comply with the Local Authorities Cemeteries Order 1977, Article 10, Paragraph 6, and with the Criminal Damages Act 1971, Article 1, Section 1. (see Notes below).
  12. These Regulations may, from time to time, be altered according to need, and such alterations may be carried out at the discretion of the management.


Criminal Damages Act, 1971 Article 1, Section 1 
A person who without lawful excuse destroys or damages any property belonging to another intending to destroy or damage any such property or being reckless as to whether any such property would be destroyed or damaged shall be guilty of an offence.

All vehicles must be parked in the car park but are left at the owner’s risk.

Children are of course welcome, please ensure they are accompanied by an adult and that they are quiet, especially as there could be newly bereaved visiting.

DHNBG is open daily from 8am. – ???. Should you need to visit outside of these times for security reasons we will need to be informed in advance.

DHNBG is available to all faiths religions or beliefs. The land is not consecrated but individual graves may be blessed if desired.

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