Spring 2018 at Dale Hill

As Spring time arrives at Dale Hill we look back over the 2 years since the Natural Burial Ground first opened its gates and can see how the area is gradually developing. With more Memorial Trees planted during the last winter, the woodland is definitely beginning to take shape. The meadow grasses are just starting to grow again after the long winter and we are hoping to see wild flowers in the meadow soon. During the last 2 years many families have joined us to lay loved ones to rest here, some under blue skies, some in more challenging weather conditions, especially over the winter. We hope that everyone who visits is able to share in the peace that nature brings. As the weather (hopefully) gets better we will be holding several open sessions at Dale Hill when you are invited to come along to meet us here and ask any questions you may have on natural burials here. When dates are decided we will place details here and also on the Dale Hill Facebook page